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Docler Holding Collaborates with POST Group to Attract IT Talent to Luxembourg

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I’m Marton Fülöp, COO of Docler Holding, and I’ve been invited to write a blog about how we collaborate with the POST Group to attract IT talent to Luxembourg. First, let me give you a little background about Docler Holding and tell you why we chose to build our international business from Luxembourg.

Docler was founded in Hungary fourteen years ago as a live streaming website. Quite soon, we started working on other live streaming and ICT projects. As the company began to grow, we invested in promising start-ups and acquired new companies. Then, in 2006, we established Docler Holding and were recognised as Hungary’s biggest IT company.

Key to Docler’s success is the fact that we’ve always hired the best IT professionals. When it became time for us to expand our business internationally, it was apparent that Hungary wasn't the place to attract the numbers of top IT specialists which we needed in order to take the next big step. That’s when we began looking for a country where the environment existed for us to become a major international player. After looking carefully at several options, we chose Luxembourg and established our business here in 2012. Docler’s core development is now in Luxembourg, and today we have over 200 people – mainly developers – working on cutting-edge live streaming, e-commerce and web technology projects.
We like how flexible Luxembourg is and how fast things happen. We have a good relationship with local authorities and government officials, which gives us the agile environment we need. There is real IT substance in Luxembourg and a truly dynamic IT environment. Also, the technical ICT infrastructure is very good.

Luxembourg is an ideal place for young IT professionals. However, the country is not well known on the international scene. This brings us to why Docler collaborates with the POST Group and its international business unit, TERALINK Solutions. Together, we are working to promote Luxembourg as a major player in the IT sector. Our goal is to make top IT talent in Europe and around the world aware that Luxembourg is a great place to find an exciting, challenging ICT career and a diverse, safe and supportive environment to raise a family.

Our collaboration with POST extends to promoting Luxembourg as an excellent location for start-ups. Here, entrepreneurs will find incubators, VCs, technology hubs, government support and start-up focused-business resources. Docler is very active in the local business community as well, poised to invest in local start-ups with great ideas. Moreover, POST Telecom, together with TERALINK Solutions for the international needs, are at-the-ready to support start-ups, offering turnkey solutions that give them the ICT infrastructure, cloud services and security they need to set up and conduct business.

We’ve also been happy to introduce POST to the Hungarian market. Recently, Micaël Weber from TERALINK Solutions, joined us in Budapest to meet key ICT players in Hungary.

Clearly, the vision and expertise we find in local companies like POST, the business-friendly Luxembourg government and the country’s robust ICT/start-up ecosystem give Docler the foundation we need to achieve international success. Now, I hope many IT professionals and entrepreneurs will bring their talents to Luxembourg and join us in developing powerful, next generation technologies.

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