Case Studies

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The German company Webasto has been working to develop its offer in the electric vehicle battery and charging market. Its key product is a smart EV wallbox charging station for home and business use. Charging sessions can be easily controlled and monitored remotely through an app. This key feature is made possible thanks to the eSIM technology and software provided by POST Telecom that connects the charger to the internet.

Company: Webasto

Category: M2M & IOT

A voluminous amount of data about each disease is collected, analyzed and stored in separate locations, in numerous languages, using a variety of protocols and standards. If a researcher anywhere, at any time had access to high quality data in a format that followed international standards, worldwide knowledge sharing would be possible. No longer would research be done in a silo. Researchers would have a powerful new weapon in their ght against Parkinson’s, cancer, Alzheimer’s, Cystic Fibrosis and other serious illnesses.

PSA Peugeot-Citroën is Europe’s second largest car manufacturer and the ninth in worldwide sales. The group pioneered the emergency and assistance call system, which contacts rescue services automatically in the event of an accident. Today, there are more than a million PSA connected cars on the road in Europe. PSA Peugeot-Citroën is now leading the way toward embedded telematics solutions and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

In 2013, Luxembourg consolidated media regulation activities within the portfolio of the newly-created Luxembourg Independent Broadcasting Authority (ALIA). This agency is charged with monitoring content aired by broadcasters licensed by the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to ensure it meets legal standards for protection of minors, commercial communications and protection against all kinds of discrimination. ALIA also manages local and regional radio frequency allocation, monitors the classification of movies shown in cinemas, enforces advertising rules to ensure editorial content and advertising are clearly separated and publishes technical data used to conduct political polls.

Télédiffusion de France (TDF) is one of Europe’s premier operators of terrestrial and satellite broadcasting networks. A visionary company using leading-edge technologies, TDF developed a multi-format and multi-support terrestrial platform for managing and distributing audio, video and data content to all types of receivers.

SeeZam pioneered the concept of a “virtual private safe.” Now, businesses and individuals throughout Europe have a pragmatic answer to the issue of managing con dential content. SeeZam gives them a virtual storage, ling and exchange space that is ultra-secure, impregnable and private. It is a maximum security online space where digital data can be deposited and protected. Plus, SeeZam guarantees the con dentiality of communications and exchanges with employees, outside partners, employers, customers or any designated third party.

Ujet, in Luxembourg, produces light, folding scooters with an innovative design . . . and they are connected. This innovative company has entrusted POST with its Machine to Machine (M2M) solution, ensuring the transmission of vehicle-related data between each scooter and a cloud platform. This technology is what allows each user to lock or unlock their scooter using their smartphone.

Bright Box is a global company that connects vehicles already on the road with their users and various organisations, such as car manufacturers, importers, dealerships and even car part manufacturers. For instance, in Europe, Bright Box uses POST SIM cards to ensure the transmission of data between each car and its data processing cloud platform.