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Vulnerability Assessment & Management – The Managed Service Provider view

Zero risk never existed and will never exist. This is definitely true for many things in our day-to-day lives but is even more relevant when it comes to ICT. We live with the threats, the vulnerabilities and the shortcomings that are inherent in our technologies and… Read more
POST Telecom - How to Improve Your IBM Cloud Performance and Availability

How to Improve Your IBM Cloud Performance and Availability

Since the launch of IBM SmartCloud in 2011, the IBM ecosystem of cloud services has helped businesses around the world enable digital transformation. From increased flexibility, mobility, reliability, scalability and uptime, the benefits of moving business processes to… Read more
POST Telecom: How to improve your Azure Cloud performance and availability

How to improve your Azure Cloud performance and availability

The age of cloud computing is truly upon us, and organisations across the globe are reaping the benefits of a fully connected digital ecosystem. That’s not to say that digital connectivity and cloud computing don’t come with their fair share of problems. Indeed,… Read more
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Moving to the Cloud: some considerations

  Strategy The reasons why your company wants to move to the Cloud can vary. Maybe your data center is approaching its end-of-life and instead of investing in upgrading or replacing legacy appliances and infrastructure, you would like to decommission the data centers… Read more

How Visionary Digital Strategy Turned Luxembourg into an ICT Powerhouse

It’s no accident that Luxembourg has become a powerful ICT player on the world stage. The Luxembourg government’s vision, careful planning and focused execution have turned the country into an ICT powerhouse that has attracted IT giants such as Amazon, PayPal, eBay… Read more

Our Biotech Sector Cloud Expertise Featured at BioIT 2016

The tagline for the 2016 BioIT World Conference and Expo is “Enabling Technology – Leveraging Data – Transforming Medicine.” Since we have developed specific Biotech sector expertise, which enables researches worldwide to use the latest big data technologies in… Read more

POST Telecom and SoftLayer® Partnership Adds Great Value for Customers

I’m pleased to announce that POST Telecom recently signed a partnership agreement with SoftLayer® - an IBM Company - that delivers many advantages to customers of each company. SoftLayer® is a global IaaS provider that, by the end of 2015, will operate 40… Read more

Why a Fast-Growing Fintech Company Chooses Luxembourg

The Bankable Story Recently I wrote a blog about the dynamic Fintech (Financial Technologies) sector in Luxembourg. I talked about the many reasons why Luxembourg has become a major European Fintech Hub. To give you a great real-world example, I spoke with Eric… Read more