M2M & IoT

Smart vending: connectivity for remote management of vending machines

Smart vending: connectivity for remote management of vending machines

Today, IoT technology can greatly improve remote management of networks of vending machines for drinks, snacks or parking tickets, among other examples. But for this to work effectively at scale, managers must be able to rely on robust and secure connectivity. Using… Read more
healthcare digitalisation

The impact of 5G on global healthcare

Healthcare is one of the industries that will benefit the most from IoT, M2M and big data technology. With 65% of users logging into their healthcare apps every day, high-speed interconnected devices and sensors are at a watershed moment, promising to revolutionise how… Read more
M2M connectivity trends

The top 5 M2M trends for 2020 and beyond

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) is rapidly changing how we interact and work. The technology has already made its mark and is set to continue growing exponentially, with the global M2M sector predicted to reach 200 billion USD in revenue by 2020.Industries such as the automobile… Read more
POST Telecom - How IoT Analytics benefit your business

How IoT Analytics Benefits your Business

There’s no doubt that many organisations and businesses are looking at the benefits M2M and IoT can bring to their operations. This is supported by many industry leaders at CES 2017 who agreed that IoT was an incredibly important development. Bridget Karlin, Managing… Read more
POST Telecom - The role of M2M in the future of transport

How M2M will Forever Change the Future of Transport

There’s no doubt that IoT and M2M are making a dramatic impact on many industries. M2M and IoT are providing these industries with increased access to data, which allows them to improve their processes and identify new opportunities, and boosts automation, resulting in… Read more
POST Telecom - The future of M2M - 5G connectivity

The future of M2M: 5G connectivity

At the last Mobile World Congress (MWC) conference in Barcelona, one term was the veritable star of the show: 5G connectivity. The next generation of mobile coverage promises lightning-fast download speeds, instant connections and the reliability needed to sustain… Read more
POST Telecom - Iot Trends for 2018

The Top 4 IoT Trends To Watch in 2018

2017 was a huge year for the Internet of Things (IoT) and 2018 promises to be even bigger. As the technological landscape marches towards a fully connected world of smart devices, the human experience is made more convenient by the automatic, real-time actions offered by… Read more
IOT and the Future of Smart City Services

IOT and the Future of Smart City Services

The modern city is facing a myriad of challenges. Our climate is changing, affecting access to resources like water and food. Cities need access to increasing amounts of energy to support urban dwellers. Urban populations are growing and growing older. Infrastructures are… Read more