Happy New Year

With our TERALINK Insight blogs, we try to give you important updates about the latest technologies, industry news, best practices and more. Now, I’d like to have a little fun and start the New Year with a quick review of some hot mobile apps I like a lot. After all,… Read more

Alibaba: An Incredible Chinese Business Success Story

In reporting on my recent business trip to China in a previous blog, I mentioned that many Chinese companies are not yet considering doing business in Europe. This is simply because of the enormous potential of the internal Chinese market. As a general rule, companies… Read more

E-Commerce Expert Rick Minor on the 2015 VAT Change

When I talk with e-commerce companies about the advantages of doing business from Luxembourg, I cover two main points. Firstly, I describe the powerful Internet backbone which is anchored by the TERALINK high-speed broadband network and Luxembourg’s state-of-the art… Read more