Essential eSecurity Information Presented at Cyber Fortress Luxembourg Event – View Video and Get Details

Luxembourg is one of Europe’s key IT and media centers, so it follows that eSecurity is a critically important issue for both companies and the government. And this is why POST Telecom and EBRC hosted an eSecurity workshop featuring industry eSecurity experts and… Read more

How Your EU Online Business
Location Impacts eSecurity

And Why You Can Achieve the Highest Level of eSecurity in Luxembourg We all know that cybercrime and cyber attacks are increasing in number and severity. Many household name brands have experienced well-publicised data breaches. Other companies have suffered damaging DDoS… Read more

What Companies Need to Know
About EU Data Protection

An Interview with Tax and Data Privacy Law Expert Rick Minor The Snowden revelations and numerous high-profile data breaches have made data protection a hot issue for eBusinesses. To do profitable business in the enormous EU online marketplace, companies need to… Read more

Developing Online Security Solutions to Promote Better Business

For a company doing business online, any downtime leads to lost revenue, angry customers and damage to its reputation. One serious security threat that is wreaking havoc worldwide comes from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Affecting businesses in sectors as… Read more

DDoS Protection is Now an Essential Layer of Security for eCommerce Companies

I was speaking with a colleague at a local marketing agency who told me that his website and email were down for ½ a day because his Internet hosting company suffered a major DDoS attack. Unfortunately, incidents like this are becoming more and more frequent… Read more

The Year of Internet Privacy – Separate but Related Data Protection Initiatives in the US and EU

The year has started quite well for Internet privacy advocates. First there was the publication on January 25, 2012 of the EU´s proposed data protection legislation to replace the existing legal framework which has been in place since 1995. About a month later, on… Read more