Reliable and private connectivity to ExpressRoute for Microsoft Azure

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Whether you just started using Microsoft Azure or already run a comprehensive set of its cloud services, you’ll, at some point  you'll face a reliability problem. Indeed, using a traditional internet connection with a VPN to access your Azure services limits its performance, quality and availability to those of your internet provider.

In addition, solving this connectivity challenge requires lots of different components and in-house technological knowledge that you might not have access to.

CloudBridge to ExpressRoute

Our tailored private connectivity managed services

ExpressRoute is Microsoft’s solution to create private fiber connections between Azure datacenters and your infrastructure - either on premise or in a colocation environment. ExpressRoute connections don't go over the public Internet, and therefore offer more reliability, faster speeds, and lower latencies compared to typical internet connections.

CloudBridge, our private connectivity service, connects your infrastructure to an ExpressRoute location and enables you to truly benefit from its potential. Your connections will be fast, reliable and private from A to Z.

ExpressRoute provides:

  • Fast, private and reliable connectivity

    CloudBridge creates private connections between your infrastructure (on-premises or a colocation environment) and Azure using ExpressRoute, with higher speed and lower latencies than standard internet connections

  • Your own virtual private cloud for storage, backup and recovery

    ExpressRoute is an ideal and cost-effective solution for periodic data migration, business continuity replication and disaster recovery

  • Expand your data center effortlessly as your service grows

    With ExpressRoute, it’s easy to add compute and storage capacity to your existing datacenter infrastructure. Azure’s high throughput and low latency lets you enjoy the economies of scale of the public cloud without compromising on performance

  • Build high-performance hybrid applications

    ExpressRoute’s predictable, high-throughput connections let you build applications that span on-premise infrastructure and Azure, without compromising privacy or performance

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CloudBridge to ExpressRoute offers guaranteed performance, quality and availability through a tailored and fully managed service. We take care of everything, on premise or at your colocation datacenter, so you can continue to focus on your core business.


Why trust POST Telecom?

POST Telecom is a small, specialised team within a state-owned telecom operator able to strike the perfect balance between flexibility and quality service delivery. We develop SLAs on a per-client basis to ensure that we provide the most valuable and cost-effective solution for you.

As a Microsoft Partner, our dedicated connectivity team manages PoPs in Amsterdam, Paris, London and wherever else you need them.