Reliable and private connectivity
around the clock to Direct Link
for IBM Cloud

Want to access your IBM Cloud 100% of the time?

Discover our CloudBridge for IBM Cloud solutions.


Want improved availability, performance and quality of your IBM Cloud?

Experience a faster, more reliable private connection to IBM Cloud with our Managed Connectivity Services.


For modern application developers, dealing with multiple tools and solutions is a constant challenge. Therefore, creating a suite of tools is typically complex, and getting each part to work together can lead to serious problems and wasted resources.

IBM Cloud (previously IBM BlueMix) makes it easier than ever to implement, develop and deploy cloud infrastructure, applications and world-class services into your IT environment, irrespective of scale. However, in order to realise its full benefit you’ll need connectivity that is reliable, stable and capable enough.

CloudBridge to IBM Cloud Direct Link

Our tailored private connectivity managed services

Direct Link is IBM’s solution for fiber connections between your internal IT infrastructure and IBM Cloud datacenters over a private, secure network - whether it’s on-premise or in a colocation environment. Direct Link connections offer more reliability, faster speeds, and lower latencies compared to connections over the public internet.

CloudBridge, our private connectivity service, connects your infrastructure to your IBM Cloud and enables you to truly benefit from its potential. Your connections will be fast, reliable and private from A to Z.

CloudBridge to IBM Cloud Direct Link gives you guaranteed performance, quality and availability through a fully managed service tailored to your requirements. We take care of everything, both on-premise or at your colocation datacenter, giving you the time to focus on what really matters: your core business.


Some of the benefits of IBM Cloud include :

  • Configure and deploy high-performance cloud servers for your application
    Build your ideal bare-metal server to spec from the ground up, with powerful servers for any need and fully customisable RAM, SSD storage and more.

  • Control how you pay for your service to suit your financial pace
    IBM Cloud gives you the freedom to pay for your service on a monthly or hourly basis, which allows you to streamline costs based on your use of the service.

  • A fully open source technology whose community evolves alongside it
    IBM Cloud is open by design, which means you benefit from the rapid innovation and continuous improvement that comes with an open source community.
  • The freedom to choose your ideal cloud infrastructure
    IBM Cloud enables you to architect solutions for private or public cloud, on-premise infrastructure or any combination of the above.

  • Effortlessly make your apps smarter with IBM’s Watson AI integration
    Get actionable intelligence from unstructured data, adapt strategy based on real-time trends and build truly intelligent applications.

  • Deploy VMware workloads to the cloud for a seamless hybrid cloud experience
    IBM Cloud's integration with VMware VSphere, Virtual SAN, NSX and SDDC Manager makes it easy to extend VMware workloads from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud.

Why trust POST Telecom?

POST Telecom is a small, specialised team within a state-owned telecom operator (POST Luxembourg Group) able to strike the perfect balance between flexibility and quality service delivery. We develop SLAs on a per-client basis to ensure that we provide the most valuable and cost-effective solution for you.

As an IBM Business Partner, our dedicated connectivity team manages PoPs in Amsterdam, Paris, London and wherever else you’ll need them.

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