Delivering Compliant Managed Services & Business Apps — Fast & On Demand

Reading time: 2 mins

Over decades of telecom service to consumers and businesses, POST developed an excellent infrastructure with extensive connectivity and bandwidth. Then, around ten years ago, we moved up the value chain to provide managed services for high-level customers that wanted quality and security. Our focus was on addressing the specific needs of customers that were more technically oriented.

“Now, we have incorporated into the POST environment leading-edge companies that integrate software and IT solutions. We already had the trust of customers for security and quality, and now we can deliver business applications and services fast and on demand.”

Pierre Zimmer, CIO of the POST Group, made this observation in a recent conversation I had with him, just after he was named Luxembourg CIO of the Year by IT Nation. Pierre came to POST after working 20 years for governmental institutions where, among many other things, he was responsible for Luxembourg’s IT production environment, its eGovernment strategy and the CERT emergency response team. An advisor to several government ministries, he also put the private company LuxTrust in place to deliver public key infrastructures.

As POST Group CIO, Pierre is responsible for the corporate IT environments and for developing newIT strategies, products and services. He told me “when I came to POST, there were already excellent, high-level committed IT teams in place. I merely had to combine their skills so we can move beyond technical projects to deliver complete business solutions.”

Pierre is a key driver of POST Telecom’s move to provide our international business customers with flexible, customisable ICT and Cloud services, managed security, media services, IoT (Internet of Things) innovations and turnkey business solutions – all powered by our state-of-the-art connectivity infrastructure. Pierre continued, “POST is a company with deep technical expertise and a powerful infrastructure, yet we’re relatively small and flexible. This gives us the unique ability to listen to customer needs and provide custom solutions that can be deployed rapidly.”

“Of key importance for international business,” said Pierre, “is the fact that POST Telecom works at a world-class level because we now have top systems and software integrators within the group. We match the services of leading IT and connectivity providers through our own infrastructure or by creating partnerships that enable us to implement the best technologies within the POST environment. But we stand apart with our ability to react quickly to the fast-changing needs of our customers.”

Looking forward, Pierre sees POST Telecom developing new innovations for IoT, media and Cloud services. He noted that “new technologies require new security solutions that correspond to the risks customers are willing to accept,” which goes hand-in-hand with our plans of developing next generation security solutions and services.

Pierre asked me to make one final point about a subject that is top-of-mind for international customers: compliance. Luxembourg, as one of the world’s major financial centres, has extremely strict regulations with regard to data and information security. POST Telecom has achieved PSF compliance, a designation that authorises it to provide services to Luxembourg-based financial and governmental institutions. “With this experience,” said Pierre, “we can deliver compliant solutions for AML, KYC and other data protection procedures that are integrated into an everyday business environment. And, we make sure our solutions are easy to implement.”

I’d like to thank Pierre Zimmer for taking the time to talk with me. I’m looking forward to talking with him again soon about the new innovations he mentioned.