How to Improve Your IBM Cloud Performance and Availability

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Since the launch of IBM SmartCloud in 2011, the IBM ecosystem of cloud services has helped businesses around the world enable digital transformation.

From increased flexibility, mobility, reliability, scalability and uptime, the benefits of moving business processes to the cloud are manifold.

That being said, with so many key processes living in the cloud, your business is increasingly dependent on factors that often lie outside your control: cloud performance and availability in particular.If the public IBM Cloud is under a heavy load or scheduled for maintenance, then there’s little you can do but sit back and wait it out (and hope your business performance doesn’t suffer too much as a result.)

In this blog post, we’ll outline the best way to improve your IBM Cloud availability and performance — so you can continue to leverage its benefits without having to worry about unexpected downtime or high-latency headaches.

IBM Cloud Direct Link is your ticket to round-the-clock connectivity

The best way to immediately improve both performance and availability is IBM Cloud Direct Link, which involves a direct private connection between your server and the IBM Cloud. This significantly improves the security of any sensitive data sent between your server and the IBM Cloud, and allows you to transfer, back up and store large amounts of data with reliable high-speed bandwidth.

The hybrid connectivity of IBM Cloud Direct Link gives companies the best of both worlds: the security and latency of a private connection, with the scalability and flexibility of a public cloud. This is essential for any agile modern business that requires employee mobility, process flexibility and needs to support hybrid workloads.

Manage and monitor your existing cloud applications

To maximise performance and availability of IBM cloud services it’s also important to have an effective monitoring system in place, so that you can identify any issues as they arise. This system should be as efficient and automated as possible in order to minimise its impact on employee productivity and ensure nothing slips through.

Thankfully, IBM has a comprehensive framework in place, Cloud Service Management & Operations (CSMO), which is there to help businesses get the most from their cloud services (including automated monitoring). For a more detailed guide to monitoring your IBM Cloud applications, see How do I monitor my IBM Cloud applications? on the IBM website.

Connect to a data centre you can trust

While IBM Cloud Direct Link is a sure-fire way to improve performance, before your organisation can reap its many benefits, your infrastructure needs to be connected to a suitable data centre that has a gateway with IBM Cloud Direct Link.

You will also need a connectivity partner to connect your facilities to such a data centre. To enjoy all of the benefits of the IBM Direct Link, along with its high performance, you’ll need a similarly high-speed connection to connect to the Direct Link. This is where a connectivity solution like our CloudBridge offering truly shines.

If you’re interested in experiencing a faster, more reliable private connection to IBM Cloud with POST Telecom, book a call today and speak with one of our consultants about our flexible Managed Connectivity Services.

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