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IBM Cloud or Microsoft Azure? Choose the best Cloud services for your business

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No two businesses are the same, so it follows that the Cloud services they use should be suited to their different needs.

While the decision to incorporate Cloud computing into your IT strategy is an easy one, choosing the provider that best fits your business model is anything but easy. At POST Telecom, we combine deep IT expertise with years of experience to apply custom or turnkey services tailored to your company’s Cloud needs.

With this in mind, our team has provided a few tips to help you make an informed decision.

History, stability, and security

The Cloud services you choose will play an important role in defining and supporting your storage infrastructure, IT, and business goals.

You can take the following steps to find a suitable provider:

  • Determine whether the provider is up to the task by checking whether their previous clients are satisfied with the services implemented
  • Take some time to research the company’s financial health. This information will give you a good indication of whether or not they have the necessary resources to support your objectives
  • Lastly, you’ll want an understanding of the SLA and security measures offered, and if they meet the security requirements of your business. This last point is crucial, so a deep dive into your industry’s regulations is necessary to be able to communicate your concerns to the prospective provider

To simplify matters, POST Telecom has partnered with two of the world’s most reliable service providers — IBM Cloud and Microsoft Azure. This allows us to offer your business the customised infrastructure and software options needed to maximise productivity and effectiveness.

IBM Cloud services

IBM Cloud ensures that the implementation, development, and deployment of a world-class Cloud services infrastructure is easier than ever. And in order to realise IBM Cloud’s full benefits for your business, POST Telecom has developed CloudBridge, a private connectivity service that links your infrastructure to your IBM Cloud.

You can expect lightning-quick speeds and low latency through a fully managed, cost-effective network tailored to your business’s requirements.


  • Configure and deploy high-performance Cloud servers for your application
  • Control how you pay for your service to suit your financial pace
  • Fully open source technology with a community that evolves alongside it
  • The freedom to choose your ideal Cloud infrastructure
  • Effortlessly make your apps smarter with IBM’s Watson AI integration
  • Deploy VMware workloads to the Cloud for a seamless hybrid Cloud experience, leveraging both virtual and/or bare metal configurations

Microsoft Azure and Office 365 Cloud services

Microsoft Azure offers a comprehensive set of easy-to-implement Cloud services, and POST Telecom realises its true potential with CloudBridge.

This service connects your business’s infrastructure to ExpressRoute — the Azure and Office 365 private fibre connection network — for a stable, secure, and lightning-fast Cloud computing network.


  • CloudBridge creates private connections between your infrastructure (on-premises or a colocation environment) for higher speed and lower latencies than standard internet connections
  • Azure ExpressRoute is an ideal, cost-effective solution for periodic data migration, business continuity replication, and disaster recovery
  • High output and low latency make it simple to add storage capacity to your existing data centre infrastructure
  • Predictable, high-throughput connections allow you to construct applications that span on-premise infrastructure without compromising privacy or performance

Your Cloud services. Your choice

In addition, you can choose to run the Cloud yourself in our Virtual Private Cloud environment, or take advantage of our managed service, where we give you a turnkey solution.

If you prefer, we can also create a hybrid solution for you, where you can choose the IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and the storage you need.

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