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M2M Managed Connectivity Services

  • 10+ years of experience in IoT/M2M 
with more than 
2 million devices already connected
  • Highest level of service reliability thanks to a dedicated and geo-redundant M2M infrastructure
  • No network steering & roaming agreements with all European Mobile Network Operators (and 600+ worldwide) ensuring the best coverage and quality (100% coverage)
  • Proprietary of an international backbone (100 Gb) and 5 Data Centers (Tier IV)
  • Very competitive pricing

Your tailor-made connectivity provider:

  • Customised connectivity
  • Modular Data, SMS and Voice connectivity services depending on your needs
  • Connecting your system to the Internet or to a private closed network
  • Remote connection service options

Case study
Discover how we helped UJET achieve worldwide M2M connectivity

Choose the SIM cards adapted to your business needs


Mini SIM

2,3,4 FF Triple SIM available


Micro SIM



Nano SIM





  • Ultra-durable SIM cards
  • Reinforced SIM cards capable of handling any environment (humidity, temperature, …) : choice between commercial grade and industrial grade for 2FF and 3FF formats
  • We work exclusively with the Global SIM Card Production Leader Giesecke+Devrient
  • Possibility to customize SIM cards with your logo
  • e-UICC v3.2 SIMs available

NEW! eSIM available for 2FF, 3FF and MFF2 formats!

Embedded into the phone, an eSIM allows the information stored to be rewritten, so consumers can simply change operator over the phone and speedily connect eSim enabled devices in a matter of minutes.


Key advantages of an eSIM:

  • M2M devices can be remotely managed
  • Simple and seamless mobile connection
  • Digitized and immediate activation of the card
  • Great deal of autonomy for customers

Our Managed M2M connectivity service helps you manage your IoT and M2M assets as efficiently as possible, which helps optimise costs throughout your organisation.

We’re a MNO flexible enough to handle deployments at any scale, whether you need to manage 50, 50.000 or 5 million SIM cards.

Advanced Management tools

POST Telecom - M2M IoT - ControlCenter

In addition to its M2M and IoT connectivity services, POST Telecom also offers two dedicated customer platforms to help companies optimize their IoT costs, processes and user experience: the POST IoTA platform and POST ControlCenter powered by Cisco IoT ControlCenter.

Not only do these platforms make managing connectivity easier, they offer a whole range of diagnostics, analytics and automation solutions.

IoT Analytics: the 1st zero-touch multiple MNOs and M2M portals platform designed to drive your IoT Business

Operator-agnostic, supporting over 80 mobile carriers

Fully automatic with range of BOTs

Delivers actionable insights and KPI breakdown

Easy to set up in just 5 minutes

Reduces OpEx costs from day one

Launch, manage and optimize your IoT business easily with POST ControlCenter built on Cisco IoT technology

Zero-touch provisioning

Automated Lifecycle Management

Inventory Management


Real-Time Diagnostics

Rule-driven Automation

Rate Plan and Invoice Management

Reporting and analytics

Integration with Enterprise IT


Maximize your IoT Business with IoT Analytics

Business IoT

The POST Control Center Review

POST Telecom -eBook - POST ControlCenter

LTE-M Technology

The LTE-CAT M technology created a wide range of new IoT use cases.

LTE-M allows IoT devices to connect directly to a 4G network, without a gateway and on batteries.

The low power wide area technology supports IoT through lower device complexity and extended coverage. By enabling the LTE installed base to be reused, this can extend the battery life of devices. It can co-exist with 2G, 3G and 4G networks, and offers support for user identity confidentiality, entity authentication, data integrity, and mobile equipment identification.

The key advantages of LTE-CAT M include:

Cost efficient

Fully compatible with the existing LTE network

Lower power consumption

Greater in-building range

Seamless handover between mobile connections

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