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With Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) communication technology on the horizon, hardware companies are under increasing pressure to act as service providers as well.

This requires the ability, infrastructure and resources to connect objects and products that communicate on a purely machine-to-machine basis, often over huge distances.

Achieving this requires a number of processes and infrastructures that are very different to the core business of most hardware developers. Moreover, the complexity associated with managing the network coverage required to run M2M and IoT infrastructures makes it very difficult to handle without the support of an M2M connectivity supplier.

Tailored, end-to-end managed M2M connectivity solutions

Our Managed M2M Connectivity Services

  • Ultra-durable SIM cards
  • Reinforced SIM cards capable of handling any environment (humidity, temperature, etc.)
  • Customised connectivity
  • Modular Data, SMS and Voice connectivity services depending on your needs
  • Connecting your system to the Internet or to a private, closed network

Best Coverage

Best coverage gives you access to all domestic providers in selected countries, and is best suited to providers with large user bases aiming to provide the best service.

Our coverage option provide better coverage than national mobile operators do.

Because we’re a small, specialised team within a large company, we have access to best-of-breed infrastructure and the resources you’ll need to deliver world-class M2M solutions. Furthermore, we’re flexible enough to provide a tailored service that meets your exact needs. Discover, for example, why Peugeot - Citroën Group turned to POST Telecom for their M2M needs.

Case study
Discover how we helped UJET achieve worldwide M2M connectivity

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IoT connectivity management with POST Control
Center, powered by Cisco IoT Control Center

POST Telecom has the infrastructure and resources to provide world-class managed IoT and M2M connectivity services at any scale.

Additionally, the Cisco IoT Platform gives our clients the freedom to manage their infrastructure proactively.

Begin your IoT journey today by ordering an IoT Starter Kit which includes everything you need to connect and manage your devices.

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The POST Cisco IoT Control Center (previous Cisco Jasper)

Find out more about how the POST Cisco IoT Control Center and discover how to use it to simplify the running and improve the efficiency of your IoT business.

The features of our managed M2M connectivity services include:

Automated lifecycle management

  • Implement and customise systems to fit your connected devices’ lifetime logistics.

Real-time diagnostics

  • In-depth insight into your devices for easy identification of issues and rapid troubleshooting, without requiring physical access.

Rule-driven automation

  • Avoid problems before they occur with anomaly detection
  • Consistently optimised with conditional plan changes
  • Stay aware of threats through API integration (to send an alert to your own systems, for example)
  • Quicker reaction time with diagnostic features, including alerts in case of problems

Data analytics

  • Detailed reports that support plan optimisation.

Rate plan management

  • Choose the optimal rate plan for your cards - use one or many plans for each group of cards.

Inventory management

  • Detailed, end-to-end view of all SIM cards on your network.


  • Anytime access via a secure web interface or API integrations.

Our Managed M2M connectivity service helps you manage your IoT and M2M assets as efficiently as possible, which helps optimise costs throughout your organisation.

We’re a MNO flexible enough to handle deployments at any scale, whether you need to manage 50, 50.000 or 5 million SIM cards.


Why trust POST Telecom?

POST Telecom has extensive experience implementing M2M platforms and managing IoT and M2M networks. We are an MNO who has access to our mother company POST Luxembourg’s connectivity infrastructure, which helps us deliver world-class services across Europe.

Because we’re a small, specialised team within a large company, we’re able to strike the perfect balance between flexibility and quality service delivery. We develop SLAs on a per-client basis to ensure that we provide the most valuable and cost-effective solution for you. With more than 20 customers and 1.5 million connected devices, we’re able to help you regardless of the scope of your needs.

For more information about the IoT and M2M connectivity services we provide, download our PSA (Peugeot-Citroën Group) case study below and find out how we helped them implement 1.2 million SIM cards in connected vehicles across Europe.

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