IPTV Solutions

Looking for an easy way to sell a
new IPTV service?

Our turnkey solution will get you up and running in no time.


Need to optimise your current
IPTV offerings cost-effectively?

Outsource part of your process to us to reduce the cost – and the burden.


Media and Telecom providers today are under more financial pressure than ever to deliver higher Return on Investment, but the infrastructure required to compete with major providers in the IPTV market can be costly.

Additionally, managing your IPTV service and its technical environment in-house is time-intensive and requires in-depth technical knowledge.

POST Telecom offers an end-to-end, fully managed IPTV solution that is highly flexible, quick to set up and cost-effective. Whether you’re planning to add an IPTV offering to your existing service portfolio or looking for an economical way to optimise current IPTV offerings, we’re able to help.

Need to add a new IPTV service to your service portfolio?

Let us carry the burden while you stick to what you do best

With our turnkey IPTV solution, you get a new IPTV service to sell without having to create it from scratch. That means you get more time to focus on delivering world-class content to your audience while we make sure your systems are consistently operational and available.

Here’s what our Turnkey IPTV solution means for our clients:

  • Fully managed hardware & technical infrastructure lets you focus on developing your content – we’ll handle the rest.
  • Unbeatable time to market thanks to our ready-to-use world-class infrastructure
  • Low upfront investment – Avoid the high upfront costs of creating your own infrastructure from scratch
  • Avoid steep learning curves and trial and error – Our extensive expertise and deep understanding of the industry means you start out with excellent service
  • Predictable costing – pay on a per-user, per-month basis.
  • A single, comprehensive SLA – Connectivity and IPTV service under one all-encompassing SLA
  • Provide any channel effortlessly – if you’ve acquired the rights, we’ll add it whenever you need
  • Deliver content to any device when you choose our IPTV mobile offer
  • OTT streaming services can be added to your IPTV solution
  • Value-added service includes white-label set-top boxes

Looking to outsource your existing IPTV offering?

Minimise costs and risks by outsourcing all or part of your process to us.

Thanks to our years of experience in the media and telecoms sectors, POST Telecom is equipped with the best-of-breed infrastructure media providers required to excel in world-class content delivery.

We give you more time to focus on developing quality content while we handle the technical back-end, including Head-end, Contribution Network and Encoding.


Some of the benefits of outsourcing your IPTV infrastructure include:

  • Reduced costs for maintenance and upgrades
  • The ability to manage a leaner IT team
  • Improved quality of service

Once we’ve dealt with the back-end, we deliver your content through our state-of-the-art proprietary 100G optical network, which provides redundant connections to all key European Points of Presence (PoPs). From there, you are able to distribute it to end-users over your own network.


Why trust POST Telecom?

POST Telecom has over 25 years of experience in the media and telecom sectors, and we’ve been key players in the digital broadcasting market from the beginning. Our teams have managed POST Luxembourg’s local IPTV network since launch, which means we can offer a cost-effective, best-in-class method for our clients to deliver digital content to their users, regardless of the size or scope.

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