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OTT offering?

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Over-The-Top (OTT) video services subscriptions are overtaking traditional linear TV subscriptions at an increasingly rapid pace and media providers are struggling to adapt their service offerings to meet the changing needs of modern customers.

OTT delivery requires a significant investment in hardware and infrastructure, both upfront and over time. While established media providers who deliver high amounts of content typically run their own OTT infrastructures in-house, smaller providers and new entrants lack the time and resources to do so.

Furthermore, managing OTT services in-house isn’t an easy task. You’ll need to constantly monitor and maintain your technical environment to ensure the same quality of service end-to-end across different geographic areas and streaming formats, which may be too challenging for many smaller media providers.

Adding new OTT services to your portfolio?

We’ll take care of the technical details and let you do what you do best.

Our Turnkey OTT solution makes it possible for media providers to deliver world-class OTT services at scale without the burden of creating them from scratch.

Here are some of the benefits of our turnkey OTT solution:

  • Predictable payments based on per-user, per-month fees
  • Unbeatable time to market
  • Low upfront investment
  • Avoid trial and error: start delivering a great service from the beginning
  • End-to-end managed hardware and technical infrastructure gives you time to focus on content while we handle delivery at any scale
  • Managed connectivity, OTT and CDN service under a single, global SLA
  • No need for your own in-house head-end service or support team - you outsource the entire process to us
  • Managed software/app layer, so your content can be consumed on any device
  • Access to on-demand replay functionality without requiring high volumes of in-house storage

Looking to reduce the cost of your current OTT offering?

Let us handle your process while you focus on your core business

Thanks to our best-of-breed infrastructure and hardware, we’re able to take on all or part of your process, depending on the extent of your needs. This gives you more time to focus on generating great content, while simultaneously reducing costs and burden across the business.

Our OTT services include:


Our OTT platform encodes in adaptive streaming formats, and any live or on-demand assets can be encoded in your choice of resolution. Moreover, we’re able to create N-PVR/catch-up assets based on EPG data from any live feed.



We stream through major Internet exchange points or Tier 1 providers, and support all key streaming formats.


Content Delivery Network

We manage our own CDN in order to bring your content closer to European subscribers, but we are prepared to work with third party CDNs too.



We offer scalability and high-performance along with content storage management and advanced technologies like active-active replication on single or multiple data centres.



Software and Apps

We manage the delivery of your content to all relevant channels. Combined with our mobile offer, we’re able to deploy to any device.


And much more to fit your needs.
Feel free to contact us.

Using our OTT platform also gives you access to IP transit services, high-bandwidth connectivity and to our 24/7 dedicated maintenance team. This means you’re able to save on maintenance and infrastructure costs, manage a leaner team, improve your quality of service and be more flexible when adding new services or support for more devices.


Why trust POST Telecom?

We have over 25 years of experience in the media and telecom sectors, and 5 years of experience implementing OTT solutions. Furthermore, we’ve developed our own custom OTT platform, which means you never have to deal with a middleman. In addition, we’re linked to POST Luxembourg’s official OTT platform and their extensive IPTV network

Some of our customers include:

  • POST Luxembourg’s local OTT platform - linked to the IPTV network (Access to IPTV content with replay + access on your smartphone)
  • NetGem for their Telco TV platform
  • ALIA, the Luxembourgish Audiovisual authority