Satellite Solutions

Looking for end-to-end Satellite
uplink and downlink services?

Build a complete satellite infrastructure with best-of-services provided by POST Telecom


As a media provider, finding a satellite broadcasting partner who can meet your requirements can be difficult.

Neutral satellite teleports service providers are hard to come by, and getting the satellite uplink services from the company that already provides the satellite capacity means you’re locked into buying all your services through a single provider.

POST Telecom’s satellite services are flexible, easy to set up and ideally located for broadcasts to Europe, the Middle East and Africa. We’re a neutral provider without any ties to proprietary systems or software, which enables us to provide the tailored solution that works best for you.

Need world-class, end-to-end satellite
uplink and downlink services?

POST Telecom is based in Luxembourg, which is internationally recognised for its TV, IT and media sector. Our uplink station is located in the heart of Western Europe, in the centre of many satellite beams.


Our satellite broadcast services give you access to:

  • Our teleport of three 9m, five 3.8m and seven 2.4m antennas with satellite downlinks and uplinks in the Ku and DBS bands
  • High service availability and the resources to implement projects on short notice
  • Ideal geographical location for reaching satellites that cover Europe, Africa and the Middle East
  • Our Network Operations Centre, which supervises all Telecom connectivity and Satellite Uplink services end-to-end, around-the-clock, 365 days a year
  • POST Telecom’s world-class fibre infrastructure

Offering you an end-to-end solution both for contribution links and satellite uplink services

POST Telecom can help you set up and implement your own contribution network over our high-bandwidth, fully redundant network.

Letting us transport your content from your contribution sources means you get more time to focus on your core business - creating great content or broadcasting it for your customers - while we handle the rest.

After your content has been produced, it is picked up and carried to POST’s Teleport in Luxembourg, from which point it can be distributed to your viewers through our world-class satellite infrastructure. And, because we’re a neutral provider, we’re able to develop custom SLAs for each project, so you get an end-to-end guaranteed level of service.

POST Telecom's TERALINK fibre backbone network was launched more than a decade ago in order to connect Luxembourg to the rest of Europe with a very high bandwidth, on a completely redundant infrastructure.

Today, the 4.000+ km network provides high-bandwidth, fully redundant connectivity to key Points of Presence (PoPs) throughout Europe. We can also offer end-to-end connections per request thanks to a number of international carriers we partner with.

Outsourcing your satellite business to us
means we handle the following:

Transporting the contribution streams to our satellite head-end in Luxembourg

Encoding the signals


Uplinking the signals from our satellite dishes located in our Luxembourg-based teleport


Why trust POST Telecom?

POST Telecom is based in Luxembourg, which is internationally recognised for its TV, IT and media sector, with major players like SES, RTL, UPC and the M7 Group which are all based in Luxembourg.

We can offer complete SLAs on a per-client basis, which includes connectivity and uplink services to ensure all parties are satisfied with our service. This way, we’re able to provide end-to-end managed solutions for any provider, regardless of the scope of their needs.

If you’d like to know more about our satellite uplink services, download the complimentary case study below on our partnership with TDF, one of Europe’s premier terrestrial satellite broadcasting operators, or contact us directly.

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