Our Biotech Sector Cloud Expertise Featured at BioIT 2016

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Cloud & ICT

The tagline for the 2016 BioIT World Conference and Expo is “Enabling Technology – Leveraging Data – Transforming Medicine.” Since we have developed specific Biotech sector expertise, which enables researches worldwide to use the latest big data technologies in the fight against disease, it seems appropriate for TERALINK Solution to be an exhibitor at this event.

Let me give you an example: ITTM, a spin-off from the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine (LCSB) of the University of Luxembourg, is a fast-growing company that develops processes for the curation and transformation of biomedical data to follow international standards. Furthermore, they focus on visual analytics and data visualisation to facilitate translational medical research by generating dedicated disease maps. To accomplish this, ITTM processes voluminous amounts of data about specific diseases, gathered from thousands of sources around the world. Then it provides access to this curated, standardised data in a knowledge platform filled with visualisation tools. This enables easier analysis of biomedical data and building of disease maps.

ITTM’s Managing Director Andreas Kremer told me that “ITTM’s customers want harmonised, curated and high quality data that they can quickly analyse, visualise and get directly to the golden nuggets.”

Operating on a worldwide scale, ITTM needed a powerful, scalable Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) infrastructure with computing power, storage and connectivity that is available to researchers anytime, anywhere. Due to the sensitive nature of the data, ultra-security had to be in place for every step. Of course, as a new company, ITTM required a Cloud solution that was very flexible and cost-effective.

At its inception, ITTM chose TERALINK Solutions to implement a high-performance worldwide Cloud infrastructure. Key to this decision was our ability to provide custom, flexible solutions that fit their exact requirements as a BioIT company. They were very satisfied with our rock solid security, and as commented by Dr. Kremer “building on the security architecture provided by TERALINK Solutions through POST Luxembourg ensures that sensitive data is hosted in optimal IT environments.”

You can find TERALINK Solutions and ITTM at the BioIT World Conference and Expo held this year in Boston, MA USA from April 5-7. Look for us in booth 525 + 527.

Through our experience with ITTM, we’ve learned what parameters of a VPC solution are important for BioIT. We understand how to provide the ultra-secure storage and data handling that is essential in this sector. Also, we’re very flexible, which make us able to steer companies to the solution that best fits their needs.

TERALINK Solutions and ITTM are now working together to develop next-generation, industry specific solutions that leverage big data management, highly secure data hosting and handling, as well as worldwide Cloud services to facilitate translational medical research. If you’d like more information about how our BioIT Cloud expertise can benefit your business, please contact me.