POST Telecom and SoftLayer® Partnership Adds Great Value for Customers

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Cloud & ICT

I’m pleased to announce that POST Telecom recently signed a partnership agreement with SoftLayer® - an IBM Company - that delivers many advantages to customers of each company. SoftLayer® is a global IaaS provider that, by the end of 2015, will operate 40 interconnected datacentres in strategic locations worldwide. Through one Cloud, SoftLayer® combines public virtualised, private virtualised and dedicated bare-metal servers with a global high-performance network.

SoftLayer® has taken a different approach to the IaaS market. Unlike other vendors that choose to put mega datacentres in a few locations, it is placing datacentres around the world - closer to the customer. Moreover, there are no constraints. Customers can deploy whatever they want – Linux, Microsoft, Citrix, or VMware.

SoftLayer® offers a carrier-grade global network through its own infrastructure and key partners such as POST Telecom. To connect customers to SoftLayer’s® datacentres worldwide, POST Telecom will provide connectivity solutions based on our TERALINK high-bandwidth fibre network. To give an example, gaming companies are key SoftLayer® customers, with more than 100 million gamers playing online right now. Since gaming knows no borders and gamers won’t tolerate latency, this underscores the value of the POST Telecom/SoftLayer® partnership: customers are connected to datacentres around the world that are close-by, enabling them to enjoy the peak performance that is essential to the gaming experience.

The partnership with POST Telecom gives SoftLayer® the ability to reach customers in Luxembourg and the Greater Benelux Region. And for POST Telecom, this partnership takes us from a European to a global footprint. We can now deploy at an international level, giving our customers an infrastructure that enables them to easily do online business worldwide. A company in Luxembourg, for example, can store data in a local POST Telecom datacentre, plus SoftLayer® datacentres in Asia and the U.S., and have complete inter-connectivity, global DDOS mitigation and complete single pane management.

My colleague at IBM®, Frank Lacroix, told me “that quality, security and compliance make POST Telecom and SoftLayer® a natural partnership.” Both companies “approach the Cloud in the same way,” which makes it easy to inter-connect Cloud Services. Moreover, Frank commented, “our companies share the same values, including…”

  • Peak performance
  • Best price for performance
  • Quality
  • Commitment to customer service

As International Sales Manager for POST Telecom, I’ve met with many companies that are interested in storing their data in Luxembourg. They want to take advantage of the country’s political and financial stability, business-friendly regulatory environment, Cloud-friendly legislation, strong protection of electronic transactions and pioneering framework for electronic archiving. Thanks to this partnership between POST Telecom and SoftLayer®, companies can now store critical data in Luxembourg, where it is highly secure and protected, as well as operational data in inter-connected datacentres that are close to customers around the world.

If you would like more information about international IaaS solutions from POST Telecom and SoftLayer®, please contact me.