How to Run a Successful M2M Business – the PSA Peugeot-Citroën Story

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M2M & IoT

After the seven-year “connected car” partnership between POST Luxembourg (parent of POST Telecom) and PSA Peugeot-Citroën, I can tell you from experience what it takes to run a successful M2M/IoT Business. But first, let me give you a little background.

PSA is Europe’s second largest car manufacturer and ninth in worldwide sales. Early on, PSA pioneered the concept of the emergency and assistance call system. Gaining expertise along the way, this program has evolved in functionality and popularity. Today, PSA counts well above a million connected cars on the road in Europe.

We’ve been working closely with PSA since 2009. Together, we’ve made major technological advances and set a high standard for connected car systems, management and coverage. Now, to the point of what we’ve learned about running a successful M2M/IoT business.

Here’s what it takes:


You don’t know where your products will end up, so coverage must be ubiquitous. PSA chose POST Luxembourg as it was the only telecom able to provide virtually 100% coverage in Europe – as well as extensive coverage worldwide.

Signal Quality

The transmission system must achieve the highest level of availability with, if your business requires it, excellent sound quality. During our years of service with PSA, the system has never been offline.

Easy Management

When you implement M2M technologies, you have to manage it as you would a new service-business venture. Often, product manufacturers have no experience running an ongoing service business. So it’s essential to have turnkey management tools and processes in place to make it easy to set up an M2M/IoT business and run it. We provide this through a user-friendly management dashboard powered by Cisco Jasper.


An M2M/IoT service adds initial value to a product and helps boost sales, but it often doesn’t produce significant ongoing revenue. So the lifetime connectivity and management cost must be very affordable. For PSA, we met the pricing and business case targets they established.

Strong SLAs

Strong SLAs ensure availability and service. In addition, it’s critical to have redundant links and high quality system components.

Flexibility and Ability to Develop Custom Solutions

The M2M/IoT sector is now in its infancy, but it is growing up fast. So it’s important to find a vendor who can work with you as a partner to develop new solutions and implement new technologies over time.

PSA continues to look to the future, and we’re right there alongside helping ensure they maintain their connected car leadership position. In development are embedded telematics solutions and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. Plus, PSA is implementing the European e-call service, based on the 112 emergency phone number, which will be obligatory by 2018.

To learn more about how to run a successful M2M/IoT business, please read the complete Case Study about the PSA – POST Luxembourg connected car partnership, or book a call with an expert!

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