Satellite Uplink Plus Fast and Reliable Distribution at LuxTeleport

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It is fast and easy to uplink to a wide range of satellites. This is what I’m talking about to IPTV, telecommunications and media companies as I describe the impressive broadcasting capabilities at POST LuxTeleport. I’ll give you some specifics later, but first it is important to know that the LuxTeleport is directly connected to the high speed TERALINK IP broadband network. With TERALINK’s direct connections to the 16 European points-of-presence (POPs) in Europe, companies can transport high volumes of data to and from LuxTeleport in an easy, reliable and fast way.

POST Luxembourg can offer national and international uplink services and complete communication solutions using satellite connectivity for broadband Internet, TV broadcasting mobile telecommunications and more. To provide an integrated, one-stop solution, LuxTeleport also offers a network headend and playout services. Moreover, we can aggregate and distribute entire TV channels locally or internationally through the TERALINK network.

So now, let me tell you more about the state-of-the art facilities. A big advantage is that the satellite station has a physically redundant optical fibre connection to POST’s national and international transmission network. Three 9-meter diameter and two 3.7 meter parabolic antennae provide satellite uplinks and recapture through an arc of approximately 70 degrees east to 30 degrees west. All equipment has a 1:2 automatic commutation and redundancy system for modulators, amplifiers and antennae, along with a de-icing and automatic tracking system. System redundancy guarantees 99.99% availability to prevent any interruption.

The feedback I’ve been getting about LuxTeleport is very positive, as companies understand the value of the one-stop solution and appreciate the high quality infrastructure which we’ve put in place. I’m always happy to receive your comments or inquiries, so please let me know what you think.