We’re Now TERALINK Solutions!

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An Evolution that Reflects Our Power as an International Player

You may be aware that POST Telecom is well known as a leading European provider of integrated telecom and ICT services. What you may not know is that, over the last few years, we’ve quietly evolved into a powerful international player that delivers state-of-the-art solutions to enable worldwide business.

And now, to reflect this fact, we have some exciting news…

POST Telecom international business is now TERALINK Solutions. Our mandate is to tailor innovative, high performance telecom and ICT services for international customers.

To learn more, please visit our website.

I’m David Foy, Head of Sales for POST Telecom. The launch of TERALINK Solutions is an important milestone in our evolution as it builds on the continuous growth in maturity of our products and services. By reaching out to the international community with a clear and strong identity we intend to strengthen the reputation of Luxembourg as the ICT hub of Europe.

My colleagues at TERALINK Solutions are able to draw on the complete portfolio of services offered by POST Luxembourg and its many excellent technology partners. No longer will you have to build your business around pre-packaged offers. We are able to work with you to design infrastructures that fit your specific international business requirements.

Our solutions include high-capacity worldwide connectivity, satellite uplink/downlink, data storage, managed security, IT/Cloud/Media services and managed M2M connectivity. All services can be completely integrated. You can get full details by visiting our website.

Our goal is to provide you with high performance, security and compliance in an implementation that is cost-effective and easy to use.

My colleagues Micaël Weber and Mike Beckers, in charge of Business Development and International Sales for TERALINK Solutions, described to me how we give our customers the power to work with the advanced technologies that are the best fit for their business — within our world-class infrastructure. Customers can choose solutions that are turnkey managed services, a combination of shared responsibilities, or an implementation that they run themselves.

TERALINK Solutions is able to provide excellent support for European companies as they expand globally. And for international companies that want to enter the EU marketplace, we provide a powerful infrastructure and turnkey services that give them a solid foundation for success.

Of course, this blog will soon be rebranded as TERALINK Solutions. We will keep all our previous blogs for your reference. And, we’ll do our best to continue to tell you about the important events, innovative technologies and industry news that impact international business. If you’d like to know more about TERALINK Solutions, please feel free to contact Micaël Weber or Mike Beckers.