Why a Fast-Growing Fintech Company Chooses Luxembourg

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The Bankable Story

Recently I wrote a blog about the dynamic Fintech (Financial Technologies) sector in Luxembourg. I talked about the many reasons why Luxembourg has become a major European Fintech Hub. To give you a great real-world example, I spoke with Eric Mouilleron, Founder and CEO of the fast-growing Fintech company Bankable.

Bankable designs, builds and implements proprietary payment solutions to help global companies unlock new revenue opportunities and streamline payment processes. In 2007, Eric was confident of success if Bankable could develop technologies to replace payment inefficiencies with “efficient, electronic, real-time, affordable and scalable solutions for corporations and consumers.”

Starting operations in 2010, Bankable developed services for organizations with a large client base, such as retailers, telecommunications companies, banks and post offices, and businesses with a large workforce, including multinationals, insurers and governments. Now, 5 years later, Bankable’s clients include over 75 major global banks and companies.

Eric commented that Bankable is well on the way to achieving its next ambitious 5-year objective, which is “to become a dominant player in payment solutions in Europe, then subsequently extend services to the Middle East & Africa, the U.S. and Asia using Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay and closed-loop backbones.”

Bankable provides its customers with white label solutions in a “Platform-as-a-Service” (PaaS) model. With services such as eWallets, payment cards, lite banking and much more, security is critical to its success – as is compliance with stringent regulations worldwide. Eric stressed that Bankable’s proven technological infrastructure exceeds the operational and security standards set by banks. He then went on to say that “Luxembourg is critical here.”

The key reason Bankable is coming to Luxembourg is its world-class IT infrastructure. For the security and efficient operation of its technology platform, an experienced Tier IV datacenter is essential. To penetrate and serve markets worldwide, high-bandwidth, low latency connectivity is imperative. Bankable determined that Luxembourg’s infrastructure met its criteria, and that its additional advantages – experienced IT workforce, dynamic Fintech eco-system and business-friendly government – made it a logical choice.

I asked Eric what thoughts he had about the future of Fintech in Luxembourg, and he replied with a surprising and interesting idea. “I think the best idea for the future of Luxembourg as a Fintech center is to form close connections with other major global Fintech Centers (Level 39 in London, Silicon Valley, NYC, Singapore….) to facilitate and accelerate global deployments of the most ambitious Fintech companies.”

Bankable is becoming a thought leader for “outsourced innovation.” And POST Telecom and the POST Group provide the exceptional datacenters, high-bandwidth connectivity and expertise that make Fintech innovation possible.

I’d like to thank Eric Mouilleron for taking the time to talk with me. If you’d like more information about Bankable, visit its website. To learn more about the comprehensive ICT infrastructure services offered by POST Telecom and POST Group, please contact me.